Bible Studies

The Life of Christ Taught by Sherri Watson

Explore all four Gospels and take an up-close look at the life of Christ. Walk where He walked, watch Him perform miracles, pray with Him, learn from Him, and renew your love and gratitude for Him. Your Bible is the only book you will need.


Having a Mary Spirit, Allowing God to Change Us from the Inside Out  Taught by Kristi Wilson

The author, Joanne Weaver, uses examples of women in the Bible to encourage them to look beyond their shortcomings and turn to God to be transformed into who He created them to be.

EQUIP U is back!  Join us Wednesday nights as The Life of Christ class, taught by Sherri Watson, is presented at 6:30 pm in Room 106.  This class looks at the 4 Gospels and delivers and intimate look at Christ.


Pastor Tony Wolfe

Wednesday Night Bible Study

at 6:45 pm/ Chapel